The City of Akron Announces Water Rate Increase to Support Essential Infrastructure Upgrades
November 9, 2023 – In response to the growing demand for reliable water service and the need for crucial infrastructure improvements, the City of Akron has announced an adjustment to its water rates. Officials from Akron advise the decision comes after a careful and thorough evaluation of the current state of the city's water system and its ability to meet the increasing demands of those communities, including Bath Township, to which it provides water service.

1. Increase in Water Consumption Rate:

Effective February 1, 2024 the water consumption rate will experience an adjustment from the existing $2.76 per Hundred Gallons (HGF) to $3.03 per HGF.

2. Infrastructure Charge Adjustment:

In addition to the consumption rate adjustment, Akron announced there will be an adjustment to the infrastructure charge, which will increase from $4 to $13 monthly. This particular adjustment is deemed essential to support critical upgrades to the aging water infrastructure. The increased infrastructure charge will be allocated directly to the enhancement and expansion of the city's water distribution and treatment facilities. In total, the two changes are expected to increase a normal residential rate customer $10-$12 per month.

Akron officials recognize the impact such adjustments may have on households and businesses and assures the Bath Township community that every effort will be made to minimize the impact on residents through efficient and responsible financial management.

The city encourages residents to explore water conservation practices to help mitigate the impact of the rate adjustments and contribute to the overall sustainability of water resources.

For further information or inquiries, please contact Akron’s 3-1-1 information center.

Mayor Horrigan Press Release . image - Copy

 Akron Mayor Daniel Horrigan’s press release includes rate changes and explains

  • What this means for residents
  • Why the change is needed
  • Where the funds will go
  • Water Bill Assistance program, eligibility and how to apply