Recycling Information

Herberich School Recycling Collection Center
Residents have a convenient recycle collection center at the Herberich School parking lot (2645 Smith Rd, Fairlawn, OH 44333). The collection area allows schools, businesses, and residents with no curbside recycling the opportunity to recycle items.

  • Residents should respect the safety and educational atmosphere of the school
  • Please use this recycling center outside of school hours only
  • Recycling should be co-mingled and loose
  • Do not use plastic bags

Bath Township Organics Recycling Trailer
Bath residents may dispose of trimmed trees, branches, etc. at the township's Organics Recycle Trailer during daylight hours located at 1188 N. Cleveland Massillon Road south of the Bath Township Center building.

Acceptable materials:

  • Tree limbs
  • Brush
  • Leaves
  • Logs no longer than 3 feet in length.
Unacceptable materials:

  • Lawn clippings
  • Treated, stained, or painted wood
  • Tree stumps
  • Stones and rocks
  • Construction materials.

Do not place paper or plastic bags in the trailer.
No professional landscapers or gardeners, please.
This program is offered through a grant from ReWorks.

D.U.M.P - Go Green with Your Old Medicine
Bring your old and/or unused prescription and over-the-counter drugs to the D.U.M.P. box in the Police Department lobby (3864 Bath Road).

  • Keep the medicine in the original container
  • Mark out your name and address
  • Secure the container
  • Deposit the medicines in the D.U.M.P. disposal box

SYRINGES and AEROSOLS cannot be accepted at the D.U.M.P. box. For syringe disposal, please call (330) 926-5600.

Prescription disposal bags (which can safely contain liquids) are available at the Police Dispatcher's Window.

Don't let your medicine contaminate the watershed or get into the hands of children or teens. Dispose of them safely.

Click here for more D.U.M.P information

Simple Recycling - Curbside Clothing Recycling
Bath Township offers clothing and household item recycling at the curb through Simple Recycling.
Recycle all household clothing and textiles plus other items.
For a detailed list of household items collected by Simple Recycling, click here.
Click here for an overview of the Simple Recycling program.

  • Click here or call (866) 835-5068 to schedule a Simple Recycling Pick Up
  • Simple Recycling bags are no longer required
  • Put items in weather resistant bags strong enough to transport the items safely
  • Attached a clearly marked "Simple Recycling" label on each bag
  • Place labeled bags outside your front door before the delivery date

Summit County ReWorks
ReWorks, the solid waste management authority for all Summit County, provides programs, services, and community outreach on waste reduction, recycling, and other materials management strategies.

Accepted Materials: For a list of materials that can be managed through the HHWRC click here.

2024 Season: ReWorks Household Hazardous Waste Recycling Center (HHWRC) will reopen June 2024. Visit the website for hours and list of recycling events.

The 2023 ReWorks' Event Flyer is available online and includes information about events, services, year-round document shredding services, Document Shredding & Recycling Events, and the HHWRC.

After Season HHWRC Options: In the off season, check out this page for information on some common materials that have other options for handling.

To sign up for ReWorks e-newsletter and receive updates about this program's schedule, as well as other Summit County recycling news click here.

For more information, visit, call 330-374-0383 or email them at

Other sources of credible information on product contents and proper disposal:
Ohio EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency)

Summit e-Waste Recycling Solutions
Residents may drop off any e-waste at Summit E-Waste Community Recycle Days. This includes all TVs (fee for disposal of CRT “tube” TVs), desktop computers, laptops, printers, keyboards/mouses, printers, stereos, household appliances (microwaves, vacuum cleaners, etc.), cell phones, game systems, VCR/DVD players, batteries, and cords/cables.

In an effort to better serve the community, Summit e-Waste has drop bins at convenient locations to make recycling easier. Anything containing hard drives or data storage will be destroyed on pick up.

If you have anything that is too large to fit into the bin opening please contact Summit e-Waste
to make arrangements at (330) 800-6657.


Rumpke Christmas Tree Disposal

Please group tree branches into bundles measuring no more than 6 feet in length. Put smaller twigs and debris in biodegradable bags, such as compostable paper, for curbside collection.

  • Artificial trees cannot be recycled or composted.
  • For real and artificial trees, please remove all tinsel, ribbons, lights, and other decorations.
  • For trees longer than 6 feet, please cut it into smaller pieces, bundle it, and place it curbside the night before your regular collection day.

Rumpke simple guidelines to recycling!

Click on the following for additional information:
Don't Get Your Tinsel - or Our Recycling Center - in a Tangle
Christmas Tree Disposal information
Yard Waste Removal

Contact Rumpke directly at (800) 828-8171 if more information is required.

Christmas Tree Recycling via Summit Metro Parks
Summit Metro Parks system offers a live tree-recycling program for wildlife habitat. The trees are chipped and the chips are distributed on the park trails.  There are six areas set up in the parks where trees may be dropped off: