Service Department
Service Dept. 2

Hours and Contact Information
Service Department Building Office
Business Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 3:30 pm
330-665-6959 fax

Caine Collins
Service Director

Building Location
3864 West Bath Road
Akron, Ohio 44333

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1188
Bath, Ohio 44210

Under the direction of the Service Director/ Road Superintendent, Caine Collins, the Service Department is responsible for the maintenance of 60.55 miles of township dedicated roadways, township owned road equipment and non-contracted building services for the Bath Township Administration Complex, including Police and Fire Departments, West Bath Road Building and the Ira Road Salt Facility. There are presently nine full-time employees and one administrative assistant for the service department. The Service Department works closely with the Parks Administrator and Cemetery Sexton, for five cemeteries, as needed.

The Road Department handles snow removal and ice control for 188.80 lane miles of township roadways of which, hills, bridges and school bus routes receive priority treatment. Mid-November thru March, 24 hour snow and ice control coverage is available Sunday midnight, thru Friday midnight. Saturday shifts are covered by on-call overtime.

Pursuant to ORC §505.17, notice is herby given that Bath Township has adopted a Snow-Emergency Authorization policy, which prohibits parking on township streets and highways during a declared snow emergency. This policy becomes effective on January 1st, 2019. More information can be found here.

Infrastructure repair and replacement is on-going as major capital improvement projects which are bid to contractors yearly, prioritized as needed, and funding is available. Road surface replacement, drainage projects, and crossover culvert replacements are examples of recent projects.

Regular surface maintenance of roadways includes asphalt patching and concrete replacement of street, sidewalk, curb, and gutter sections. Roadside ditching, mowing, and erosion control to ensure proper road drainage is performed throughout the year on township roadways.

Keeping storm sewers free of ice, debris removal, as well as rebuilding systems for the proper drainage of roadways are functions of the road department.

Maintenance, placement, and re-placement of all township roadway signage is the responsibility of the road department; including the clearance of brush within the right-of-way.

A “Right-of-Way Excavation Permit” application in the amount of $50 and a non-cash deposit in the amount of $800 is required for new construction of a residential drive culvert on any township dedicated roadway.

Driveway culvert replacement requests are submitted to the Road Superintendent, for review. Ditch enclosures are no longer permitted as of January 2006 due to flooding issues.

A “Special Hauling Permit” application, accompanied by $100 fee and $10,000 cash bond, must be received by the Road Superintendent before moving equipment exceeding the legal load limit onto a township roadway.

When purchasing a vehicle license plate, a portion of the fee goes to your residential taxing district. Please be sure to indicate “Bath Township” (not Akron) as your taxing district when renewing your tags. This keeps a portion of your tax dollar where you live and drive!

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