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The establishment of the Bath Township Water and Sewer District in the unincorporated areas of Bath Township was necessary to preserve the health, safety and welfare of the township residents. The District is organized under the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code, Section 6119 and the following sections. The District was created by the Summit County Common Pleas Court and is an autonomous board, separate and distinct from the Township trustees. The Township’s Comprehensive Plan was prepared by the Bath Water and Sewer Board, and reflects the agreements in the Joint Economic Development Districts that Bath has entered into with Akron and Fairlawn.

The Bath Water and Sewer District has adopted its plan which has been approved by NEFCO and incorporated into the larger Akron Facilities Plan.

The Bath Township Water and Sewer District does not oversee utility accounts. For questions on a water account, please contact the City of Akron Water Department at 330-375-2554. For questions on a sewer account, please contact the Summit County Department of Environmental Services at 330-926-2415.

Board Members

John Bollinger - Alternate
Daniel Kalstrom
John (Jack) Lynett
Jeffrey Mockbee
Joseph Morris- Alternate
David Redle
Stephen Schreiber - Chairman