As a township, Bath is unable to enter into a natural gas aggregation agreement with a supplier. Township residents have depended on Summit County to strike an agreeable price per Mcf. All township residents were included in the aggregation unless they opted-out and signed up with another supplier.
Summit County will no longer be offering this program.

Instead, township residents who were on the county aggregation program will automatically be in the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) aggregation program. Those in the program will be enrolled into Option #1 with a price of $2.99/Mcf through the December 2017 billing period. Then the price will vary. There is also a limited enrolment option #2 in which the price remains $0.02/Mcf less than the monthly utility Standard Choice Offer. You must contact NOPEC (1-855-667-3201) to participate in Option #2.

If you have been in the county program, you have received a letter notifying you of the NOPEC program. Residents with other natural gas suppliers did not receive a notice and will remain with their current supplier.