Property Tax Bill SWMD Assessment
Property tax bills sent to Bath Township residents and businesses now include an assessment for the Summit County Surface Water Management District (SWMD). Summit County recently changed the collection method where previously, residents and businesses were billed by the Summit County Engineer’s Office.

In June 2022, Summit County expanded the SWMD to comply with Ohio Environmental Protection Agency regulations and utilize American Rescue Plan Act funding for large stormwater projects. The regional district now includes all Summit County townships, Lakemore, and Reminderville. The program is available to any other village or city in Summit County on an opt-in basis. The SWMD was originally created in 2017 in order to aide local communities in their efforts to address stormwater problems. Bath Township joined the district in 2018 which functions as a utility. Currently, residential properties are charged one Equivalent Rate Unit or “ERU”. The current rate for one ERU is $4.00 per month, which is billed annually. Properties with a Homestead Exemption are granted a 25% reduction in fees, for a cost of $3.00 per month. Commercial properties are charged one ERU per 3,000 square feet of impervious surface. Those who already live in an assessed subdivision will also be granted a 25% fee reduction.

The program provides the ability to raise revenue for stormwater control projects that cannot be funded in any other manner. The Ohio Revised Code does not allow counties or townships to spend road and bridge money on off-roadway drainage improvements, leaving them to rely on increasingly strapped general fund dollars to provide such services. The SWMD allows political subdivisions to finally perform projects and maintenance in areas that have long been a problem but had no funds available for the improvements.

Fees already collected for Bath Township under the SWMD have been used for an engineering study and ongoing projects within the township for storm water mitigation and other issues. Accumulated fees under Bath Township’s stormwater program will be retained and used exclusively for Bath Township projects.

Visit the Summit County Engineer's website for additional Surface Water Management District and Bath Township Special District information.

Questions concerning the Surface Water Management District may be directed to the Summit County Engineer’s Office at 330-643-2850.