Ghent Corridor Planning Committee
MEETING NOTICE: The Committee is meeting on June 30, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom using the following link:

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On March 8, 2021 the Township Trustees approved the creation of the Ghent Corridor Planning Committee.  The Township contracted with Wendy Moeller of Compass Point Planning to aid in the Ghent Corridor Study.  Wendy Moeller was the lead consultant on the 2011 Comprehensive Land Use Plan and the subsequent Zoning Resolution update which gives her a good understanding of Bath Township and the future vision and goals of the Township.  The appointed Committee is a group of current zoning board and commission members and includes the following individuals: Richard Bradner, Jason Boltz, Maryellen Burnham, Nancy Fay, Timothy Franklin, Emily Hete, Jeff Kerr (Chair), Joy Kosiewicz, Scott Meyer, Jeremy Rowan, Elizabeth Smith, and Bill Weber.  The Committee is tasked with the study of the Ghent Rd. corridor beginning at the I-77 interchange and heading north to the Ghent Rd. and N. Cleveland Massillon Rd. intersection. 

Corridor Study 
The Committee began as a recommendation from the Zoning Commission during their public hearing for case ZC 21-01 which is a map amendment request for the property at 1075 Ghent Rd.  The applicant is seeking a rezoning from the current R-2 Residential to a proposed B-4 Restricted Business District.  The applicant has stated that the intended use for the property, if the rezoning would be approved, is for a dental office.  Prior to the Zoning Commission public hearing the rezoning request was reviewed by Summit County Planning Commission.  The Summit County Planning Commission ultimately recommended the proposal.  However, during the meeting there was in-depth discussion on the proposal which included the question of spot zoning and the recommendation to research the area comprehensively due to some of the recent use changes and the intersection reconfiguration at Ghent Rd. and N. Cleveland Massillon Rd. (depicted below).



On March 31st the Ghent Corridor Planning Committee held their first meeting via Zoom.  A presentation was shown during the meeting that outlined some of the potential changes to the Comprehensive Plan.  There were 5 different options that were discussed in-depth during the presentation.  These include the following:
Option #1 - Do Nothing, keep the area zoned at its current R-2 classification
Option #2 - Rezone the subject property to B-4, as requested
Option #3 - Expand the B-1 District
Option #4 - Expand the B-1 District and then rezone it all to B-4
Option #5 - Create a Transitional Corridor Overlay District

R-2 Residential District:
The purpose of the R-2 Residential District is to establish areas for single-family dwelling units in portions of the township where there are limited public services and where there are concentrations of natural resources.

B-1 Gateway Business District:
The purpose of the B-1 Gateway Business District is to enhance the main gateways into Bath Township in accordance with the Bath Township Comprehensive Plan. This district is intended to provide an opportunity for some small-scale business and mixed use development that is compatible with surrounding residential areas but allows for the reasonable expansion of business and housing opportunities within the township.

B-4 Restricted Business District;
The purpose of the B-4 Restricted Business District is to provide for office and institutional uses in locations adjacent to retail areas and in areas easily accessible to the major arterial system of roads. Carefully controlled site development is necessary to encourage a functional and aesthetically pleasing office environment and to protect the residential character of adjacent areas.

The complete presentation can be accessed by clicking on the link:  Ghent Road Corridor Discussion Presentation

A more detailed overview of an overlay district can be accessed by clicking on the link:  Ghent Road Corridor Planning

The Zoom Meeting can be viewed by clicking on the following link:  Passcode: LaNwy*31 

The Township is seeking public input on the proposal and the different options that were presented during the planning meeting.  These comments will be compiled and shared with the committee and the consultant so that a recommendation can be made to the Zoning Commission and Board of Trustees.  The Ghent Corridor Planning Committee is only a recommending body and any changes to the Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning Resolution will be through a recommendation from the Zoning Commission to the Bath Township Board of Trustees.  Comments for this process should be directed to Bill Funk, Planning Director/Zoning Inspector using the link or mailing address below.  

William Funk 
Planning Director/Zoning Inspector

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1188
Bath, Ohio 44210