2023 Bath Township
Comprehensive Plan
canva-spatial-planning-architectural-model-MAEq1TzlxdkWhat is a Comprehensive Plan?
A comprehensive plan is a planning tool that looks at the various elements of the township and creates a series of broad policies to help guide future decisions about the physical, economic, environmental, and social aspects of the community. Comprehensive plans are general in nature and are purposely long-term, recognizing that some visions cannot be achieved immediately but take years to accomplish. Other than the future land use plan element, this plan does not make recommendations about the future of specific properties, and even within the future land use element, the plan is designed only to provide a vision of the community over the 20-year planning horizon.

Bath Township Comprehensive Plans:
The first comprehensive plan was completed is 1997 and served as a catalyst for several changes to the zoning resolution.  Many of these changes were centered on environmental protection.  The most notable are the adoption of the riparian corridor overlay and steep slope regulations.

In 2011 the Trustees adopted an update to the comprehensive plan.  This plan built upon the 1997 plan and focused on areas of concern and the pressures of developments within the Township and  along our borders.

Since the adoption of these plans, the township faces ever changing challenges.  One of our main areas of concern is todays retail and office environments.  With the increase of online sales and work from home office how does this impact our commercial zoning districts?

1997 Bath Township Comprehensive Plan

2023 Bath Township Comprehensive Plan Committee Members:
JoAnn Alexander, Melanie Baker, Jack Baumann, Tyler Bolanz, John Chlebina, Martin Denholm, Jeff Kerr, James McClellan, Jeff Mockbee, Steve Moore, Marshal Pitchford, Ben Scott, and Norma Shaub.

Comprehensive Plan Committee Meetings:

Request for Qualification (RFQ) Process and Consultant Selection
Bath Township is in the process of reviewing the RFQ's that were submitted.  We are seeking the services of a consultant with experience and skills in the development of comprehensive plans and establishing processes to maintain and update comprehensive plans. While the community is pleased with the current plan, we wish to review and update the document to maintain its current success. The selected consultant team will work with the Bath Township Comprehensive Land Use Committee, Township Trustees, community stakeholders, other Township departments, and regional inter-agency working groups to develop the plan. It is expected that the consultant will work in cooperation with the Township in all aspects of the Plan’s development, including development of a public outreach and public participation program.