Community Garden
Residents may purchase individual 10' x 10' community garden plots located at the entrance of the Bath Nature Preserve. Each resident must complete an Application Form and pay for plot(s) prior to gardening.  For questions about the Community Garden, email or call 330-666-4007.

Community Garden Rules (Updated 1/25/2021)

  • Restricted to Bath Residents only.
  • New gardeners may rent one gardening plot on an annual basis.
  • Returning gardeners maintain the right of first refusal for use of two of the same garden plots in the following year. The right expires if a returning renter has not made payment by January 31of the gardening year.
  • From February 1 to February 28thnew gardeners may choose a plot not previously claimed.
  • After March 1returning gardeners can rent any open plot.
  • Fertilizer and pesticides use is limited to organic compounds, subject to the approval of the Park Director
  • Renter is responsible for prepping and maintaining garden plots
    • If the plot becomes unsightly, notice will be given to clean the area within 48 hours
    • If the plot is not maintained or cleaned within the period specified, the township reserves the right to remove the renter from the garden without refund of the rental amount
  • Gardens may not contain tall or invasive plants. Be respectful of your neighbors!
  • Renter will only pick crops in assigned area, unless permission is granted from another plot user
  • Water will be made available from Mid-April through October 31st
    • Please alert the township if the water is low (call or email when half-empty or lower)
  • Pets are prohibited in the garden area
  • Gate shall be secured at all times
  • Rental arrangement does not create a possessory interest in plot
  • If at any time a renter decides to abandon his or her plot or is unable to maintain the plot for any reason, notification to Bath Township offices is required.

Please stop by the township administration offices Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm or mail payment and rental application to:

Bath Township Community Garden
3864 W. Bath Road
Akron, Ohio 44333

Please make checks payable to "Bath Township."