Fire Services and Prevention

Service Information

  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Smoke Detector Placement
  • Station Tours
  • Public Speaking
  • Career Day Orientation
  • Lock Boxes (Knox Box)
  • Home Inspections for Adoption or Foster Care

Smoke Detector Placement
Bath Fire Department will do a home inspection upon your request and identify where smoke detectors should be located in the home. Click here for NFPA recommendations.

Station Tours
Bath Fire Department offers various tours of facilities. Call or email to set up an appointment.

Public Speaking
Call us to arrange for a guest speaker for a future civic group meeting.

Career Day Orientation
We participate in the Revere School's career orientation program.

Knox Box Installation
Residents which desire to have a knox box installed must have an extra key to be placed in the box at the time of installation. Call or email to request an appointment. More information may be found here. 

Home Inspections for Adoption or Foster Care
Inspections for Adoption or Foster Care may be set up by calling the non-emergency Fire Department number. Home Inspection Checklist