Park Board

Mission Statement

To work as a liaison group in an advisory capacity with Bath Township Trustees for the betterment and preservation of The Bath Parks.

Additional Information

The Bath Park Board sponsors several educational activities and events to create awareness of and encourage the use of the parks in Bath Township. The board helps support extra services and activities that are not included in the funds generated by the Park Levy.  Subsequently, the initiative for the installation of restroom facilities at the Bath Community Park near Chief Logan and the Bath Nature Preserve near the Regal Beagle was led by the Park Board.

Past events include: Fall into Nature, Chilin' on the Hill, The Bath Steeplechase, the annual State of the Parks meeting, Community Garden Plots and the Rain Barrel Workshops.

Most recently, the Park Board held a Fall scavenger hunt. Next year, a new event will be Spin-Spring into Nature.