Storm Water Damage Preventative Solutions

By following good watershed practices, you can be part of the solution to storm water pollution and

To be part of the solution, follow these simple strategies:
  • Use permeable paving materials or vegetated planting beds along the water’s route to interrupt surface flow and allow water to infiltrate.

  • Reduce areas of dense turf grass and replace with more natural grasses and ground cover that allow soils to remain loose and permeable, or let grass grow higher to slow the water and absorb more.

  • Install a rain garden or bioswale to catch and hold runoff. Run downspouts into these instead of footer drains.

  • Allow large areas to revert to meadows, where plants can manage surface flow.

  • Expand forested areas by planting along edges. Plant trees in groupings with ground cover and allow natural vegetation to grow beneath. 

  • Follow the 4Rs of lawn fertilization - Right type of fertilizer, Right application, Right time to apply, Right placement.

  • Install a rain barrel or two for roof run-off and use for watering. A cistern will collect more and is perfect for small farms or large gardens. Consider a cistern in place of a well for all your household water.