Rain Gardens, Rain Barrels, and Cisterns

By collecting the water in one of these devices, rain water will be put to good use.

The best place to run your downspouts is into your yard. Rain gardens hold rainwater allowing it to be slowly absorbed into the ground. See the Summit Soil and Water Conservation District How-To Guide here.

Save the Yellow Creek 55 gallons at a time with a rain barrel or two. See how to install your own rain barrel(s) here.

These are wonderful ways to water your garden and potted plants. Too much water to use up? Use the rain barrel water to wash garden tools, the dog and even your car.

A cistern for your home can capture all the rain water on your property which can be used for all your household needs. This soft, clean water contains no minerals to stain your sinks or leave a bad taste in your mouth. Click here to read how one Bath family used this method and how well it works.

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