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Purpose Statement
The Heritage Corridors of Bath Committee will establish and sustain a focus on the Heritage Barns to preserve and enhance these structures which represent the bucolic past of the township.  This effort should include the formation of an ad hoc committee to focus on the effort the preservation and enhancement of the barns of bath.  This effort should include the creation of a Heritage Barn Inventory, in conjunction with Bath Township Historical Society/Museum and Bath Barn Owners as a means to preserve the stories which are represented by the barns.  This effort should also include the formation of a pathway for Heritage Barn Owners to enhance their barns by encouragement of adding barn art and barn quilts to these structures. The completion date of August 31, 2024.

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Bath Barns Project Committee Roster

Barn news and information:
State’s historic barns are dwindling fast, expert says

For more information, please contact:
Bath Township
3864 West Bath Road, Akron, Ohio 44333