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On March 31st the Ghent Corridor Planning Committee held their first meeting via Zoom.  A presentation was shown during the meeting that outlined some of the potential changes to the Comprehensive Plan.  There were 5 different options that were discussed in-depth during the presentation.  These include the following:

Option #1 - Do Nothing, keep the area zoned at its current R-2 classification
Option #2 - Rezone the subject property to B-4, as requested
Option #3 - Expand the B-1 District
Option #4 - Expand the B-1 District and then rezone it all to B-4
Option #5 - Create a Transitional Corridor Overlay District

The complete presentation can be accessed by clicking on the link:  Ghent Road Corridor Discussion Presentation

The Zoom Meeting can be viewed by clicking on the following link:  Passcode: LaNwy*31 

The Township is seeking public input on the proposal and the different options that were presented during the planning meeting.  These comments will be compiled and shared with the committee and the consultant so that a recommendation can be made to the Zoning Commission and Board of Trustees.  The Ghent Corridor Planning Committee is only a recommending body and any changes to the Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning Resolution will be through a recommendation from the Zoning Commission to the Bath Township Board of Trustees.  Comments for this process should be directed to Bill Funk, Planning Director/Zoning Inspector using the link or mailing address below.  

William Funk 
Planning Director/Zoning Inspector

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1188
Bath, Ohio 44210