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Bath Township

Administration Offices

3864 West Bath Rd.

Akron, OH  44333

P.O. Box 1188

Bath, OH  44210-1188


Fax:  330-666-0305


Bath Township Solid Waste District

Residents may contact the Bath Township Solid Waste District at 330-666-4007 or Rumpke at 800-828-8171 to sign up for service.

Rumpke will pick up Christmas trees that are cut and tied into 4 foot x 30" bundles.

The Organics Recycling Drop-off will continue, so if you prefer to drop the tree off yourself, the dumpsters are available on weekdays between 8 am and 3:30 pm at 3879 Ira Road.

Bath Township has selected Rumpke as the sole trash and recycling service provider for township residents, effective July 1, 2016.

Bath Township residents will receive one brown 95-gallon trash cart and one green 65-gallon recycling cart. Carts have many benefits including a closing lid, wheels for easy rolling, and minimal footprint. If you have questions or concerns about the cart size or your ability to manage the cart, contact Bath Township.

The carts are the property of Rumpke. If a cart should become damaged, please contact Rumpke for replacement. Additional carts may be leased directly from Rumpke at 800-828-8171.

Use of carts that are “similar in size and shape” to the cart Rumpke provided is allowed; however, Rumpke will not be responsible for any damage. Carts from other trash companies will not be serviced.

Cart usage and service guidelines:
~ All trash and recyclables must be placed at the curb (or outside of the garage door for garage door subscribers), by 7 a.m. on your collection day.
~ Solid waste should be bagged, tied and put into the trash cart. Trash that does not fit into the cart may be placed in bags or additonal carts. Weight should not exceed 50 pounds.
~ Recycling may be loose and co-mingled inside the recycling cart. See recycling guidelines below. Garage door customers see special instructions below.
~ Cart Placement:
• Face the wheels/handle away from the street.
• Place within 3 ft. of the street.
• Place at least 3 ft. from carts, mailboxes and objects.

Yard Waste
Yard waste may be bagged weighing less than 50 lbs. Branches and shrubs may be cut to 4' lengths and tied in 30 inch bundles. All may be placed next to your trash cart. Please do not put in recycling cart.
Holiday trees will be collected by Rumpke throughout the first two weeks of January. Trees larger than four feet long must be cut in half and bundled accordingly.

Bulky Item Guidelines
Rumpke will collect bulky household items from the curb on your regular service day at no additional charge. Collection must be scheduled 24 hours in advance by calling Rumpke. Examples of bulky items include appliances, carpet, furniture and large toys. Fabric and upholstered items such as furniture, mattresses and box springs must be wrapped in plastic. Carpet and similar materials must be cut to 4' lengths and tied in 30 inch bundles. All may be placed next to your trash cart.

Prohibited Items
~ DO NOT place these items inside the trash or recycling: Tires, hazardous waste, liquids, flammable materials, batteries or household chemicals. For safe disposal options, please visit
~ Safe Disposal of Sharps & Needles: Place sharps and needles in a hard plastic laundry detergent bottle, reattach the lid and secure it with duct tape. Use a thick permanent marker to write “SHARPS” on the bottle and place it in your trash.




Solid Waste Contract Award

Effective July 1, 2016

Rumpke Waste and Recycling of Northern Ohio

Rates effective July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018:
Curbside: $50.82 per quarter

*Senior Curbside: $43.29 per quarter
Garage: $134.25 per quarter

*Senior Garage: $118.38 per quarter

Rates effective July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019
Curbside: $52.20 per quarter

*Senior Curbside: $44.52 per quarter

Garage: $138.12 per quarter

*Senior Garage: $121.86 per quarter

*Senior rate applicable if resident is 65 years of age or older or handicapped. To receive this rate, please send request in writing that you qualify for the senior rate; include your, name, date of birth and service address and. Please mail this to address below.



A postcard will be mailed to you at the start of each quarter. 

- Please send a check made payable to:

           Bath Township Solid Waste District

           P.O. Box 1188

           Bath, Ohio  44210-1188

$$    To pay with cash, please bring the exact amount to the 

         Administration Office at 3864 W. Bath Road. Governments are not

         permitted to have petty cash funds and we do not have the ability

         to make change.

Click here to make a payment by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover

Payment for delinquent/suspended accounts must be received by 4 p.m. Tuesday for service to be reinstated on the regular pick-up day the following week.

Please call 330-666-4007 if you have any questions.

Holiday Schedule

   New Year's Day
   Memorial Day
   Fourth of July
   Labor Day

Trash pick-up is delayed by one day for the rest of the week following a weekday holiday. Friday will be picked up on Saturday.
There is no delay when the actual holiday falls on a weekend.

Pick-up schedule according to street name   

     Street Listings "A" thru "Z"        

Garage Door Collection
Rumpke has developed a special Garage Door service for those not wanting or able to take trash to their curb. Please note these special handling rules.

~ All trash and recycling must be bagged. The driver must take the truck to a transfer station and manually separate the trash and recycling.
~ Recycling should be in blue or clear bags so that it is easily identified.
~ You may place trash and recycling in containers or simply place bags on the ground. Each must weigh less than 50 lbs.
~ All must be outside of garage no later than 7 a.m. on your collection day. It must be accessible to the truck - not blocked by vehicles or objects. Drives must be cleared of ice and snow.
~ Large items or volumes of trash should be taken to the curb. Please call in advance.


Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!

A green 64 gallon recycling cart is provided for your use. Please mix all recyclables in your cart and place it out for collection on your trash day. Items should be co-mingled loose in the cart. For those customers who are unable to use the large carts, recycling may be co-mingled in blue or clear bags and placed separate from regular trash.

You Can Recycle:
Glass Bottles & Jars
All Plastic #17
Metal Cans
Cartons (milk, juice, etc.)
Paper Products
newspaper, office paper, magazines, cardboard, cereal and cracker boxes (flattened, emptied of all packing materials)

NOT Accepted For Recycling by Rumpke:
Clothing*, sheets*, plastic bags*, cassette tapes, metal hangers, metal chains, hoses, batteries, buckets, car parts, chemicals, clothes*, cord, cups*, dishware*, electronics, hazardous items, light bulbs, needles, pots, pans*, ropes, toys*, tubs, window glass, and wire.

*Plastic bags may be recycled at most grocery stores. Textiles and small household items may be set out for Simple Recycling. See Below.

Click here for other recycling resources

What Happens To Your Recycling? Why prohibited items can not be recycled.

Township Recycling Centers   

    Residents have convenient recycle collection centers at the Bath Elementary School and the Herberich School parking lots. These centrally located collection areas allow schools, businesses, and residents with no curbside recycling the opportunity to recycle items.
The township had received grants from Summit County ReWorks for three years. This money was saved for the specific purpose of providing a recycling center. No tax or school levy money was used for this project. Then with cooperation from the Revere and Copley/Fairlawn schools, these locations were chosen.
Residents should respect the safety and educational atmosphere of schools. Please use this recycling center outside of school hours only.

Residents should respect the safety and educational atmosphere of schools. Please use this recycling center outside of school hours only.

Curbside Clothing Recycling - Simple Recycling

Bath Township now offers clothing and household item recycling at the curb.
Simple Recycling of Solon will pick up items on the same day as your usual trash collection using special green bags.
If you do not have a green bag or need extra, please stop by the Administration between 8 and 4, Monday - Friday. Once Simple Recycling collects your bag, they will drop off a new one to use.
Recycle all household clothing and textiles plus other items. For a complete list, click below.
Click here for an overview of this program.

For a detailed list of household items collected by Simple Recycling, click here.

ReWorks Logo

The ReWorks Houeshold Hazardous Waste Recycling Center
will be open between 2-7 pm every Thursday from June  through September.

For information and resources regarding the recycling of:
Electronics and Computers
Household Hazardous Waste
Yard Waste
Construction Debris

Visit ReWorks (also known as Summit/Akron Solid Waste Management Authority)
at or call 330-374-0383

Local Recycling Solutions

Go Green with Your Old Medicine
Bring your old and/or unused prescription and over-the-counter drugs to the Police Department lobby, 3854 Bath Rd. Keep the medicines in the original container. Mark out your name and address. Secure the container and deposit it into the red CVS Drug Drop-Off Box.
Don't let your medicine contaminate the watershed or get into the hands of children or teens. Dispose of them safely.
Click here for more information.

Down the Drain

To sign up for service call the Bath Township Solid Waste District at 330-666-4007 during regular business hours 8-4 Monday through Friday.

If you have questions about your billing statement, are suspending or are restarting your service due to being on extended vacation (being away for one month or more), please call the Township Offices at 330-666-4007 between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm--Monday through Friday.

The Solid Waste District maintains an information telephone line where you can listen to a recording concerning any delays in service pick-ups due to holidays or special circumstances.  The number to call is 330-665-9156. 

Please remember that this is an information line only. To leave a message or speak with someone directly, please call the regular township telephone number at 330.666.4007.

The Bath Township Solid Waste District was organized by the Bath Township Board of Trustees in 1993 with collection starting in the Spring of 1994. The following were goals established by the Township Trustees in the creation of the Bath Township Solid Waste District:

  • Placed the Township in compliance with House Bill 592 and provided landfill waste reduction data.

  • Provided waste disposal services at a favorable cost compared with present costs.

  • Offer recycling opportunities to the residents of Bath Township.