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Come join us for Walks and Talks in our parks!

The University of Akron outreach walks to start at the

Bath Nature Preserve Trailhead, or at the University of Akron Field Station,

both located at 4160 Ira Road unless otherwise noted.

2016 Scheduled Walks and Talks
Check back as Walks and Talks are added and updated or contact:
330-972-5122 UA Office
330-666-2919 Field Station

University of Akron Calendar





late March / early April


Salamander Migration Several dates.  Weather dependent, announced on webpage – sign up for updates there

Dr. Peter Niewiarowski

March 10

7 PM

UA Work at BNP
(Bath State of the Parks) 
UA Field Station

Dr. Randy Mitchell
Dr. Lara Roketenetz

April 16 (April 23- rain date) Noon

Garlic Mustard Pull.
Meet at Trailhead

Mark Purdy and Dr. Randy Mitchell
May 7 10 AM Migrant Bird Hike
UA Field Station
Mike Edgington

May 13-15


Native Plant Sale
Crown Point Ecology Center

Friend of Yellow Creek

May 14 1 PM Macroinvertabrate Sampling
Meet at bridge over North Fork
(park at lot on Cleve-Mass Rd. and walk through tunnel)
Jessica Parant
Chelsea Smith
UA Grad Students
May 17 1PM Worm Walk and Story Time Dr. Lara Roketenetz and Jessica Ellis, Bath-Fairlawn Library
June 5 10 AM Cicada Hike
Meet at Regal Beagle
June 18 1 PM Pollinator Walk for Nat'l Pollinator Week
Meet at Ira Trailhead
Dr. Randy Mitchell





Gardening Workshop Series

The University of Akron Field Station is pleased to be be partnering with Ohio State University Extension for the following workshop series, presented by Jacqueline Kowalski of OSUE. To register for these workshops, contact Jacqueline Kowalski at

March 23, 2016
6:00-8:00 pm
Planning your Garden
Spring is just around the corner.  In this workshop we will discuss how to get your garden ready,  where to plant things and why, and how to best avoid pests and disease.
Cost:  FREE

April 19, 2016
Backyard Poultry
Ever consider raising poultry?  In this workshop we will discuss,  best practices for making decisions on types,  feed, and care.
Cost:  $15.00 (pre-payment required)

May 18, 2016
6:00-8:00 pm
Resilient Landscapes
As we design our gardens and landscapes it is important to keep in mind, our changing environments.  Learn plants and plant characteristics that will help you make the best decisions for maintenance and care. 
Cost: $5.00 (payable at the door)

June 15, 2016
6:00-8:00 pm
Installing and Maintaining a Drip Irrigation System
Drip irrigation is a great tool in the garden to help manage costs, diseases and weed.  In this workshop we’ll discuss the reasons to install drip irrigation,  the basic parts, installation, and maintenance.

Stay tuned for specific dates and times for upcoming OSUE workshops!  These will be conducted in the community garden and at the Field Station and will include (registration fees may apply):

July: Pest and disease management in the garden
August: Preserving the harvest
September: Putting the garden to bed