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Heritage Corridors of Bath
An Ohio Scenic Byway

Barns of Bath

     The Heritage Corridors of Bath Committee was proud to have Emily Schrank and Mike Beers host the 9th Annual Bath Barn Social at their beautiful barn at 1727 N. Medina Line Road (right) in 2010.

     The primary goal for the committee in 2007 was to update the Bath Township Scenic Byway Management Plan. It was originally adopted in 2001. It was intended to provide a long-term strategy to preserve and enhance the historic and scenic rural character of our community.  With professional assistance, we created the addendum, which documents natural areas, viewsheds and historical sites, as well as describes their importance to our community and sets a timeline for implementation of new goals.
     As a means to facilitate the accuracy of our maps, points of interest, and previous goals met, the members of the committee made a point of physically touring the area defined by the Heritage Corridors of Bath, an Ohio Scenic Byway. The idea for recognizing members of the community whose properties upheld our mission came from this review.  

863 N. Cleve-Mass. Road

2040 N. Medina Line Road

4278 Everett Road

If you have a home, barn, or business building that you feel enhances the mission of the Heritage Corridors of Bath,
please submit your photos with name, address, and contact information to